About Us

For far too long, the world has been mistreated, our wildlife neglected, and our natural greenery destroyed. We wanted to make a change.

LittleBitGreen is your source for eco-friendly, sustainable products. All items available on our website have been carefully curated for their green credentials, including being made from recycled material, biodegradable, plastic-free or being a suitable alternative to single-use plastics.

Being a LittleBitGreen is key to our everyday lives: our small HQ in the Norfolk countryside runs on 100% renewable electricity, and the gas is 100% carbon neutral. A percentage of this is green gas produced from renewable sources like food or farm waste and we hope to increase this.

We also only work with distributors who are keen to minimise waste. All our products will be delivered by companies who have committed to reduce CO2 emissions, and lower their environmental impact.